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Eligibility for Services at The Low-Cost Clinic

ULVS provides discounted veterinary services to qualified low-income residents & non-profit animal welfare organizations such as shelters and rescue groups.

ULVS requires that ALL PETS IN THE HOUSEHOLD be spayed/neutered to continue receiving services and care through The Low-Cost Clinic. *Individuals who are unwilling to have their pets spayed/neutered will not be approved for services through The Low-Cost Clinic.

How to Qualify
Individuals MUST provide proof of low-income status prior to ANY services. Individuals must continue to meet low income status for continued services and care through The Low-Cost Clinic.


* Most Recent Tax Return
* 2 Months of Pay Stubs
* Social Security/Benefits Award Letter
* Oregon Trail Food Stamp Award Letter from DHS Office

ULVS does NOT operate on a sliding scale. Prices are set and significantly reduced to make them as affordable as possible. PAYMENT IS DUE AT TIME OF SERVICE. All deposits and/or account credits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

** If your pet needs immediate medical care and has NOT been spayed or neutered you will be required to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT for that pet’s spay/neuter surgery; in ADDITION to the cost of treating your sick pet at the time of service. Sick pets are NOT required to undergo spay/neuter surgery until they are fully recovered from their illness. If your sick or injured pet is going under anesthesia as part of their care or treatment, and is also healthy enough to undergo the spay/neuter surgery, it will be done at that time. If your pet requires spay/neuter surgery at a later date and you do not return to have your pet spayed/neutered, you WILL NOT be eligible for continued services of any kind through The Low-Cost Clinic.

How to Renew Qualifications
Individuals must continue to meet low-income status to continue receiving services through The Low-Cost Clinic. Individuals are required to renew services and provide updated proof of low-income status. Renewal requirements depend on how an individual qualified for services and what documents were used to provided proof of low-income status.

* Tax Return (Annual Income) – RENEW Annually
* SS/SSI/VA (Ret./Disability) – RENEW Annually
* Pay Stubs (Monthly Income) – RENEW 6 Months
* Oregon Trail Food Card – RENEW on DHS SCHEDULE

Feral Cat Program
ULVS provides discount spay/neuter services Mon-Fri for ALL FERAL CATS. There are NO INCOME ELIGIBILITY -OR- APPOINTMENT REQUIRED for individuals to bring trapped ferals to The Low-Cost Clinic for discount spay/neuter services. ALL feral cats that are spayed/neutered at ULVS WILL BE EAR TIPPED & TATTOOED.